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WebSharper - Is it worth it?

So, I hate it when I comment on a software platform and then can't get it out of my mind. This is what happened with F# and WebSharper.

I hate been asking somequestions that I think may have ticked off the WebSharper people. If any of you are reading this, I swear that I just wanted the information before I invest too much time into re-learning F# and learning WebSharper.

As I've gone further into GWT and znEve, I've found that the platform is becoming very cumbersome, as all large Java-based projects tend to become after a while. Luckily, based on the comments in the above threads, it seems that F# and WebSharper may be a viable alternative. I have decided to write a small test application to see whether this will work or not.

Here is the new structure for how znEve will work.

Server component:
written in GWT, PHP or Python, depending on what components it needs to hook into and where it'll runexpose RESTful interfaceserve information based on tokens - most of th…