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Why I stopped using F#

F# is great. I love working with F# and, before that, I loved working with OCaml. However, I've had to break off the relationship for a few key reasons. While it is a real joy to work with F# and OCaml, here is a list of issues that I had and either didn't have / take the time to resolve or didn't find a suitable solution easily:

- I've always worked with imperative languages and I understand how to do large-scale design in said languages using a variety of design patterns. F# and OCaml are more . . . fluid. There's almost no established materials on how to "properly design" programs in functional languages - certainly nothing like the famous Gang of Four and their descendants. Trying to mirror imperative design patterns in functional languages is a recipe for failure. However, I think that this can be solved by working with F# and OCaml more extensively. Learning more about how a language works tends to reveal many design patterns, I've found. Howev…

znProject is alive again!

After a MASSIVE hiatus, I'm bringing znProjects back. Thank you, US Government, for providing me the time to be able to work on this.
Current project: znEve.
Details to follow soon.