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znPlugin 0.95 complete

Well, I haven't had much chance to work on znPlugin for a while, but version 0.95 is done. The reason this is not version 1.0 is that I am still looking for ways to optimize the code in accordance with my use cases. However, it has turned out quite well.

As I referenced in my last log, I had a good discussion with gneverov on Near the end, you see a function posted that I wanted to incorporate into my code. However, that will no longer be possible because I have turned the Plugin Manager into a plugin factory. Thus, instead of creating and keeping objects around that may never be used, I create them on demand. The way I see it, if a user wants to get access to a previously created plugin, they should keep it around. Otherwise, they can always request a new copy.

I've also updated what constitutes a possible plugin, by making explicit the idea that it can be nested, as long as it is public. In addition, the implicit idea that a plugin must have a default (no…